kingston format utility

Kingston USB format tool

kingston format utility

Kingston USB format tool help users to repair and format any Kingston flash disk .Kingston format utility 1.0 3.0 can repair write protected pen drives . Follow the guide to see how to format Kingston USB stick .

Kingston USB format tool review

kingston usb recovery

Kingston company is a famous American brand  supports flash memory drives products and other computer-related memory products. Kingston is one of the best USB flash drive manufactures in the world .

Today I’ll discuss how to format corrupted Kingston USB flash drives .Kingston made a great USB recovery tool called “Kingston format utility ” .Before we talk about it we must talk about what is the real reasons that make Kingston USB flash drives get corrupted and don’t work anymore .

The popular reasons that make the USB flash disk corrupted

  • NAND Write/Erase Cycles : It is Just as a rechargeable battery can lose its power after being re-used again and again, so too can a NAND flash drive get problems After being used for thousands of write/erase cycles, flash drives start to struggle with retaining data .
  • Environmental Factors : Such as you left your Kingston flash disk in hot temperature or under the sun rays .
  • Incorrect Removal : Many of us don’t make safe remove for the USB flash disk from the computer . Removing the flash drive without proper remove for disconnection   can cause damage to files, and render them inaccessible by plugging the drive into a device .

The famous Kingston USB flash drive format errors

After some time from buying a Kingston USB flash disk , you got some errors when you try to plugin your Kingston USB stick in your PC .Here is the most USB errors you can get when you try to do that .

  • Kingston USB flash drive not recognized in your computer and you got this message ” USB device not recognized ” .
  • Write protected problem “The Disk is Write Protected ” .
  • Raw USB Flash Drive “When you check the capacity of USB drive you found it 0 and file system become RAW .
  • This flash drive need to format error message .
  • Please insert disk error message .
  • Your actual flash drive volume is less than the current like you bought a 16 GB and now 7GB or less or more .
  • Other format issues .

How to use Kingston USB format tool correctly ?

Kingston USB format tool

Now download Kingston recovery tool from the download links below .Insert corrupted or damaged Kingston flash disk to your PC or Laptop .Open Kingston format utility .If your flash drive is Kingston so Kingston USB recovery tool will detect it .Select your Kingston flash drive from “Device ” .Choose format file system type “FAT32 or NTFS ” .Click format to start formatting your damaged Kingston USB Pen drive .Wait until finish formatting process .

Now congratulation your Kingston USB flash disk is fixed and become like new one .Sometimes Kingston USB format tool doesn’t work with some Kingston flash drives so maybe this flash isn’t original “Fake USB like Chinese USB drives ” or this flash model isn’t supported by the software .

We will write articles about how to repair any damaged USB flash disk with any brand .Just follow our blog and share our articles .Feel free to contact me for any USB data recovery issue from here ” Contact US ” .

 Download Kingston USB format tool

EaseUS- Data- recovery-Wizard-Mac

Software Name : Kingston USB format tool

Software Version : V1.0.3.0

OS Supported : Windows,Mac

Licence : Free

Size : 400 KB

Download Kingston USB format tool

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