ChipGenius software 2017

ChipGenius software 2017

ChipGenius software 2017

ChipGenius software 2017 is one of the best USB flash drive software.Chip Genius software help users to extract Flash disk information so they can find the right format software .

ChipGenius software 2017 V4.17.0413 review

ChipGenius software 2017 is a free USB flash disk information extractor tool designed by .There are many versions of Chip Genius software .The latest version of ChipGenius software 2017 is V4.17.0413 .

What is ChipGenius software 2017 ?

ChipGenius Software 2017 V4 is a simple software deigned to help users to extract information about their USB devices, finding out details they need to repair broken flash drives .Chip Genius Software is portable so no need to setup just one click and gather all information related to your damaged USB flash drive .Chip Genius  Shows hardware data about all USB devices .

How to use ChipGenius software 2017 ?

ChipGenius software 2017 use

  • First you need to connect your USB flash disk to your computer .
  • Open ChipGenius software v4.17.0413 .
  • ChipGenius software 2017 automatically define your flash drive information .

In the interface of ChipGenius v4.17.0413 you will find many information .To fix your unrecognized or damaged USB flash disk you must focus on the following fields :

  1. USB Device ID : VID = 0781 , PID = 5567 .
  2. Device Vendor : SanDisk .
  3. Product Model : Cruzer Blade .

To get the right USB flash drive firmware , you must search by the 3 points above .There are many USB flash drive repair websites you can search on it to find the best tool to format and repair your broken USB flash disk such as ” Flash Drive Repair , Flashboot “.Flash drive repair website have many format tools to all USB flash disks with English language .Flashboot website also have many flash firmware but in Russian Language .

We will write articles about how to repair any damaged USB flash disk with any brand .Just follow our blog and share our articles .Feel free to contact me for any USB data recovery issue from here ” Contact US ” .


Download ChipGenius software 2017


ChipGenius software 2017

Software Name : Chip Genius

Software Version : v4.17.0413

OS Supported : Windows

Licence : Free

Size : 230KB

Download  ChipGenius software 2017 v4.17.0413

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